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Constant cramping in early pregnancy!?!?

Hey i am 11 weeks on Monday with the second one and i have been having constant cramps even before i found out i was pregnant at 3 weeks..They hurt all day long none stop(every now and then they go away but mostly they are there) and it feels like my period is coming..I already got checked and i heard the heart beat but they hurt really bad at times but no bleeding at all..with my first pregnancy i had a short cervix and was on bed rest since 5 months and i made it to 38 weeks..but im worry its my cervix again but they wont check until 16 weeks but i had no pain when i found out about mine short cervix i was having contraction and didnt even know so idk if this pain is normal or not considering i didnt have no pain with my first pregnant at all..Has anybody had this happen to them??

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Go to your Gp and ask for a referral to the early pregnancy ward / gynaecologist, if she says no, ask to see a different GP and ask again to be refered, if that doesn't work there are helplines , but really at this stage your midwife should be able to send you to consultant. All the best and rest lots .


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