Second time around - Breastfeeding after c section question

Hi, just curious to know whether my milk will come through easier after a second c section or whether I'll have the same issue as last time when it took 3 days and a lot of nipple pain to get anything started. It took 11 days to get baby to latch but we bf'd until 18 m. 3 weeks after stopping, discovered I had another one in the waiting lounge. Clutching at straws but have this romantic idea that my boobs will simply remember from the last time and just get on with things quickly this time.....

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Tbh, I don't know if there's a one size fits all answer as everyone's body is different. I do know that lots of people can start hand expressing before their second or subsequent baby is born. Ask your midwife when you should start trying and join a breastfeeding group on Facebook to ask the "experts" that are doing it now, for tips. I really hope you have a lovely easy time of starting breastfeeding second time around. Just be aware that sore nipples is normal with a newborn, my friend who has 6 children still went to the breatfeeding clinic to get her latch and positioning checked with number 6! Breastfeeding a newborn is very different to breastfeeding an 18 month old. Both my babies were tongue tied, we didn't find out with number 1 until she was almost 6 weeks old, got it cut immediately and breastfeeding finally became comfortable at 8-9 weeks! With number 2 I'd hoped that knowing what I was looking for and having had experience of doing it before I would be a pro. However, we had his tongue tie cut at 3 days old, then again a few weeks later and finally at 16 weeks old I found a position I could feed him in without any pain!

I don't think it works that way unfortunately. With being an elective c section the hormones (oxytocin) that kick start breast feeding aren't there. Also it's quite normal for milk to take 2/3 days to kick in. It's only colostrum you get to start off with however it's nutritious and full of antibodies and baby really only needs very little to start off.

I tried for 6 months but baby never managed to get the hang of latching on! She was premature and tongue tied which probably had a lot to do with it, so I expressed, for 14 months. I would say if you're worried get a Breast pump, just in case 😀.X

Don't worry. The hormones that make milk are triggered by the removal of the placenta so it makes no difference in terms of a c-section. 3 days is totally normal but it doesn't matter because all your baby needs before then is colustrum.

Latching has nothing to do with the type of birth you have.

I would recommend the group on Facebook called UK breastfeeding support or breastfeeding younger babies and beyond.

You'll Atleast know this time what a good latch is. Also research shows that your body makes a higher percentage of milk for the second baby so you want to make sure you don't get too engorged!

Good luck you'll be ok - find your local BF support group too x

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