Attending gigs whilst pregnant

Hi, I am trying to find out whether there is any medical reason why I should not go to a nightclub to listen to a gig whilst pregnant. I am very healthy and so is the baby, I will be 25 weeks pregnant at the time I am thinking of attending the event. I understand that there may be divided opinion on this based upon people's own personal standpoints so I'm only looking for medical advice and evidence. Thanks very much to anyone who can help.

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I don't think you will find any medical evidence about night clubs. If it's smoke free and you're not drinking alcohol I don't see the issue. Of course I'd stay away from a big crowd of prodding and pushing. Babies like music and they've got plenty of cushioning.

There's no medical reasons not to go. I went to a couple of gigs while pregnant, including the foo fighters! You may want to keep to the back of the crowd so you don't get pushed or prodded but otherwise, I'd go and enjoy yourself!

Yes I went to gigs whilst pregnant and the only contrary advice I could find was to do with sound level, think there was an advisory decibel limit but can't remember what it is, anyway my little girl is now 8 months and perfectly fine x

Thank you ladies 😄

Another thing to think about is not getting too hot - I went to an indoor gig the other week and had to stand by the door to stay cool!

I went to a couple of danced SO much that I had to go home early because I couldn't take the discomfort and my bladder had no chance....he still dances like he's a stamping rhinoceros at 18m.

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