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I think I'm about 3-4 months pregnant

And I have been drinking heavily like only on the weekends and I smoke cigarettes too. And I had no idea that I was pregnant I thought I was just getting fat n stuff. I just had my 30th birthday party I turned 30 on August 10 and I party and party hard of course made the record of eating all 30 Jell-O shots on that Saturday like two weeks ago. And now I'm starting to feel hardness and fluttering in my stomach. I just had a baby boy on July 31st 2014. And now I'm scared that I am pregnant and my 2nd child boy or a girl I dunno yet for sure what's going on yet I didn't schedule a doctors appointment yet I don't go in till next week. ..... They didn't schedule me a day yet. But I'm really scared that my baby is gunna be retarded or something because I had no idea nor systems. I haven't had my period since May of this year that's when I skipped but I thought all this stress with my financial problems and stuff is what caused me not to have my period. Please I need some answers if u think my baby is gunna be okay or is it all to late.... Because my body nore the baby isn't having issues.....must be a strong baby like me.

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Have you done a pregnancy test yet?


Hi there,

I agree with roxannacar, before worrying you should have a test. If you're pregnant and you have your doctors appointment, I'll explain him all about drinking and smoking, they'll help you.

Best wishes


Yest might not show up at this point or be accurate enough as you might be too far along.

No one on here can tell you what will happen to you baby.

You obviously need to go to the doctor and get seen very soon and have a scan.

All I know is that people who don't know they're pregnant drink throughout their pregnancies and smoke etc. and their babies usually are ok.

There is always a risk that your baby could have something wrong with it because of alcohol and smoke, but no one can foresee that really. Even a scan couldn't necessarily pick all issues up.

Don't mean to be negative, just honest.

Just go and get a scan and blood tests and get sorted so that you can give up the drinking and smoking and move forwards healthily. That will give your baby the best chance, surely.

Good luck.

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