am I pregnant??

am I pregnant??

okay so as you can see I am 65 days late. I've been having cramps since last month on and off. I guess I've been spotting? I looked up and it showed. it's an whitish discharge. 10 days late that I missed my period I was very nauseous but I went to the hospital and got a blood and urine test and both we negative and I understand that they're usually never wrong but I'm scared I might have something wrong with me since it was a negative test. I took one 2-3 weeks ago and one was at night and it was negative but I took another one but I couldn't tell if it had a faint line or not.

I've also been scared I couldn't conceive since I never got pregnant in the 8 months we've been trying.

so please help!!

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  • that does seem like along time to still get negatives as HCG would show by now, but if you think you had a faint line wait one more week and test again using your first pee of the day if that's negative you should go to the doctor

  • I have an ultrasound for gallbladder so I'll ask them to look as well tomorrow.

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