Early pregnancy unit?

Hi there

Discovered I was pregnant last week (22nd July).

My cycles have been somewhat unpredictable since my periods returned after an IVA procedure for a missed miscarriage last December so I am unsure how pregnant I am- it could be five,six or seven weeks.

So far, this pregnancy feels very different to the last one (my first). Last time, there was a varying amount of bleeding every day until (during what would have been week 8), pregnancy symptoms like sore boobs and sickness disappeared. This time, I have had no bleeding at all, two positive pregnancy tests and sore boobs of varying severity.

So, even though there seems to be less to worry about than last time, should I visit the EPU for an HCG test and an early scan or just carry on until the dating scan? I am worried that I don't know when to ask for a dating scan as I'm not sure how pregnant I am and that last time I didn't know that I had miscarried...

I don't want to be paranoid and worried at such an early stage because there is such a long time to go but at the same time, I didn't cope so well psychologically last time and I don't want to be as affected again if I have another missed miscarriage.

Any words of advice would be appreciated.

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Hi there, congratulations on your pregnancy. Have you completed the referral form for your local hospital? When I did this, I was asked to go and have an early dating scan as like you, I was unsure how many weeks I was. The first scan turned out to be too early but two weeks later I could see a little blob and a heartbeat, might be the reassurance you need. Good luck :)


Good morning!

Is probably get in touch with the midwife team, tell them you are expecting again and that you have no concerns at the moment. But also that you feel a little anxious as you had a miscarriage and that you can't be sure about your dates etc and see what they say! Not every midwife team is brilliant but hopefully they are sympathetic about your concerns and can reassure you. I'd be surprised if they didn't send you for an early pregnancy scans to confirm dates.

All the best!



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