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Not sure but too scared...

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Hi all... i'm a bit new in this but was hoping for advise... I've been wanting another baby since my daughter was 2 years old, she turned 7 this month. We have not been using any "precautions" or anything like that but never got pregnant. The doctors said i would have difficulties after my first child to get pregnant again and also my husband is a diabetic which is probably not a good sign either. But anyway... I'm 12 days late with my period now, but have no symptoms, just heart burn. I always pee a lot so i cant tell if that has changed. There were no signs of a period either, no weird color pee only a strong smell for about two days after my due date. I'm really hoping and praying so badly for me to be pregnant but i have been disappointed so many times before that i'm actually scared to know take a test... If anyone can please give me some advise on what to do and your opinion... PLEASE!

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I'm afraid the only advice one can give is to take a test, the test will not change actual outcome. As for symptoms that is not necessary some people don't get any. Can I ask how old you are?

the only way to no is take a test, taking a test will not change the truth, you are either pregnant or your not, that is the only advice I can give

It must be a big step to take the test as at the moment you can hope and a test might easily change that! At the moment the signs are good though! Unless you tend to have irregular periods or have been sick lately or very stressed or so, as these things obviously can have an impact on your periods as well.

As the others say, a test won't alter the outcome.. Put yourself out of your misery, if it's positive OU can stop worrying! If it's negative... then it was always going to be negative unfortunately.

All the best!

I'm 26 years old roxannacar... but what does the age matter? sorry i know i probably sound very stupid but i promise im not... im just very confused. I took a test yesterday afternoon and showed negative and then again this morning, which was also negative... its really confusing the .... out of me!

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At 26 it doesn't matter but if you were let's say 45 it could be a different matter, as late periods can mean being peri menopause that's all!

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Ok...thank you for the advise. But i have no idea what peri menopause is? But i'll look it up. Thank You again. :-)

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Just means around menopause but you're 26 so that's not really relevant.

SilkeP normally when i am late im never more that 5 days maximum late... i havent been sick lately and not much more stress than usual. its just very weird because the test shows negative. im constantly tired though... and today is day 13 and still no sign of a period. when i was pregnant with my daughter 7 years ago, they wanted to bring her down when i was only 6 months pregnant, they said the chances of both of us surviving is 50/50. I took a chance and never went back to the doctor until 10 days before her birth and she was perfect in every possible way, and still is...

They said i had some kind of a cancer awareness in my womb that might grow in time... i had problems after she was born but everything started going good after about two years up until now... i dont really want to go to a doctor, everytime i do go i never get good news, its always something that COULD kill me but never does (luckily), im scared of whats next...

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SilkeP in reply to Tubies

I'm sorry to hear the test came back negative.

If you're not pregnant but your periods aren't coming and you're very tired it could also mean some sort of deficiency etc. Something not dangerous or life threatening but something that needs treatment/medication and might also be the reason for you not faking pregnant.

I can understand your concerns about going to the GP, but if nothing is wrong then you can stop stressing and if something were to be wrong then at least you can get the treatment that you need!

Not going isn't going to make things better in the long run... All the best!

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Tubies in reply to SilkeP

I'll see, maybe when i get a chance to go to the GP. Its getting frustrating now not knowing whats going on.

Thank You for all the advise

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