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Hiya, duno if I'm meant to write about babies who are here or whether it's just for pregnancy but need to sound this out... my little one is 6.5months old now and she has only ever vomited once n that was after she took a big gulp in the bath so she never vomits! Yday she was down on her feeds and then threw up after her dream feed. (Again she never vomits) and then today she has been off her feeds again, not interested in the weaning diet she is on. She has had few wet nappies but not as much as usual, she is just refusing any liquids and then this evening again she has just vomited! She is ok in herself just a little niggly! Her soft spot isn't too bad either, do I see this out or seek medical advice?

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  • may just be a sickness bug and they say should only worry if you don't get any wet nappies at all, but as it me be something else try and get her in with a doctor so they can do routine tests, probably nothing but always best to put your own mind at rest, I hope she gets better soon

  • Take her to see the Doctor. It's probably a stomach bug. It's doing the rounds at the moment. Still better safe than sorry! Don't worry to much and in a couple of days she'll bounce back!

  • I think if you concerned enough to write here, see your GP. Its probably nothing but why not get checked if you're worried

  • Doctor trip!

  • You're blessed if your baby hardly ever vomits. Our carpets are ruined. It's probably nothing to worry about - babies have very good gag reflexes. Also they through up when they're too full of food/milk. It could be a bug, which they'll have to catch, the younger the better, to increase their immune system - baby puke is much nicer than toddler puke. Good luck. Always check with a doctor if ever concerned but also don't forget to trust your instincts.

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