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Braxton Hicks or little moo moving?

I've been getting a little bit of pressure in my lower abdomen, feels like someone is pulling on it. Its not painful, just a bit uncomfortable. When i put my hand there i can feel that its tight, sometimes it feels like i might be feeling baby but I'm not sure. She moves around and kicks ALOT! I'm 22 weeks and wondered if anyone else has had this? Someone mentioned braxton hicks to me but i assumed they would be more painful. Have also been for a check up as i panicked and everything is fine, not preterm labour!

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When you get contractions you will know as they are pretty painful! i think 22 weeks is a bit early for contractions. It could be baby moving of also just stretching out of things


You get braxton hicks from around 8 weeks so it really depends on every body whether its too early or not. I was told it was too early for me to feel the baby move at 16 weeks but i did. Every pregnancy is different.


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