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Help my friend is pregnant and has been getting pains all day?


Hi my name is Kristina but today I'm writing a post about my freind she is 31 weeks .5 day pregnant and yesterday she was getting sharp shooting pains inside her vagina and since she woke up this morning she has was getting the sharp shooting pains badly one after the other for about an hour constant and since she still getting pain in her vagina and also pains at the bottom of her stomach kinda like contractions and for a few days she been losing like a mucus lumpy discharge and very sticky but this morning when she wiped it was more brown than anything could this of been her mucus plug and she phoned hospital and try just saying rest and take parcetamol but it not working and she still in pain she getting really worried bout he lr baby but could she be dilated and could it be labor she starting with. Any advice would be great

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Sorry, but why on earth are you wasting time talking to non professionals?

Call the hospital now!

You should call the doctor right away and if this has been going on for a while I recomend going to the hospital as she's pregnant they wouldn't let her go home without having a look at her.

Call the midwife ASAP and insist you are seen there. The gp will only send you to hospital to get assessed anyways as the gp won't have the equipment to assess you.

This sounds like infection go straight to maternity assesment unit just turn up

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