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Work stress and pregnancy!

Hi all I need some help.

I am 15 weeks pregnant and in full time work however I am working 50 hours a week and I am seriously feeing it. It's so busy I'm not able to take breaks and I have hit a brick wall. I came home on Friday in absolute bits and just cried and cried. I don't want to let them down but also I feel I'm putting myself under bad stress and it will be having a bad affect on my baby.

I requested formally that they reduce my hours a month ago but haven't had any change yet.

Do I ask again and if not leave and try get myself a part time job(although seems may be impossible as I'm pregnant) or do I stay and risk putting myself more and more at risk. I feel useless ...

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Are you working in the UK? By law your company have to adjust your hours and working conditions to suit your needs. You have rights and they can't ignore them. I would ask again and if nothing happens contact a union if you're not already in one. They can then request a meeting with hr and you and your manager and negotiate terms for you. You should not have to give up your job because they are not treating you fairly. Good luck x


Hi georgie, sorry to hear about your work stress. Your health and the health of your baby are more important here. Kat has given some really good advice. I'd ask again and if things don't change, perhaps you can get a sick note from your doctor to sign you off for a few weeks or until the busy period is over?

I'm in a similar position to you. I'm 30 weeks pregnant. I started a new job this year and it's meant to be part time but I find myself not just working 5 days a week but weekends as well. I left my previous job for the same reason but it's just the nature of the industry. I have a 2 year old and hardly get to spend time with her and it's been getting me down so much that I've actually just resigned (only because I know that things will never change). Resignation was my last option though. I wish you all the best xxx

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Thank you so much. I do work in the UK and really hope when I'm back tomorrow that I can get this resolved with my manager. I've also been advised about going to doctors so I now have a few options. Thank you again I really appreciate your help and comments.

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Hope you get it sorted. Don't let them push you around. They wouldn't have a leg to stand on if it went to an employment tribunal... you could get signed off for your whole pregnancy on full pay if they mess you around and don't offer solutions x


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