I'm new here, 4 weeks Pregnant and worrying, what does everyone think about early scans?

I miscarried in February last year and just found out I'm pregnant again and I want to be excited but I'm so scared of what happened last time happening again, I'm trying to think positive but just a little difficult the next 2 months are going to be so difficult. I'm thinking of having an early scan but just unsure at the min

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Hi I had an early scan because I had some bleeding, it was reassuring but also didn't stop me stressing. I was also cautioned that a miscarriage can still happen even if you have a positive scan. I don't think I really stopped stressing so much until I had my 20 week scan. At 4 weeks there wouldn't be anything to see anyway.


It would reassure you for now but I don't stop worrying until I can feel the baby move every day. Even then I freak out if I think it's been a while since it moved and end up trying to make it move. I must say though I just had a 12 week scan and was reassured as I was worried about everything.


Take things easy for the next few weeks book a scan for about 8 weeks pregnant a heatbeat on a scan at this stage of pregnancy is very positive try to relax each an every pregnancy is different so think positive thoughts goodluck


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