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Mums volunteers needed

Hello mums,

As a crucial part of my Master's Degree in Child Developmental Psychology at University College London I need to observe the parent (or any significant caregiver) and the baby interaction in their homes in one of the compulsory modules of the course.

The observations are weekly and last for about one hour throughout the course period of 6-8 months. I am looking for someone who is due to give birth between October and December, and the baby could be up to one month within the start of the observations.

This won't be everone's cup of tea, but it may be of interest to some mothers and often mothers do usually gain something positive out of the experience - its certainly a great privelege to witness the world of the mother and the world of the baby and how these come together and connect - an unparelled and special learning opportunity.

This module does not have evaluative character and it represents a way for us students to experience, in practice, the parent-infant interaction and observe how the child develops major acquisitions throughout his early years.

All students go through DBS or Police Overseas Certificate.

If anyone is interested in participating in this activity or know someone who would like to participate, I would be extremely grateful as this module is crucial for my course.

Many Thanks!

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