I am pragnant

Hi, My period date was 13 august, but i missed my period and took a strip test i got the two lines. Is it means i am pregnant. I had lost 2 recurrent within week pregnancy loss, so now i am scared. My doctor suggest me injection for next three month for increasing hCG level projestran injection. Is this is ok for my health and my pregnancy?

Please suggest

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  • Yes it's okay to do the shots with the pregnancy. It will keep the levels up so your baby can have it too survive. Of course you can be pregnant for real this time. Keep your head up and hope for the best. And please listen to your doctor. If you have doubts talk to your doctor about them.

  • Thankyou dear for your kind reply

  • Welcome 😃

  • Hi there, I've had 7 miscarriages and I am now pregnant and terrified. Have you had your progesterone levels checked? I'm assuming these are low? It should be ok, it's a natural hormone in the body anyhow. I found out I had a thyroid disorder, that's what caused mine. Good luck.

  • Well ma'am if the hormone that indicates you are pregnant seys you are pregnant in the home tests then it's not low if it becomes positive in her case I believe that the looses those hormones after becoming pregnant over a certain amount of time it can go away... But that's why women get the shots so it will stay up. The baby uses that hormone to survive. My sister also has thyroid problems. If you don't take meds for it now. Then you need to. And excersise is good for it too. Don't forget to take your prenadles and be sure to ask your doctor if women's everyday vitamins can be necessary

  • Thanks, yes I am on thyroid medication, also check my vitamin levels regularly and take vitamins for that thank you. Actually excessive exercise makes you more ill with thyroid dysfunction (hypothyroidism) as it makes you gain weight. Things like swimming and walking is fine as its a gentle exercise. This is because T3 helps burn calories and if you don't have enough in the body then when you do exercise it stores fat instead.

  • Okay. Yeah my sister has the opposite where she has weight and can't loose it. Exercise is important in pregancy and even thyroid help even if it's not harsh go on walks around your living area. Have you said any thing to your doctor about the chances of miscarriage? And what is he going to do to help?

  • I forgot what hers was. But she had dropped the Medicain because it made her sick and lazy. So now she has been out being more productive and is loosing weight everyday

  • I walk 4-8 miles a day and also swim weekly. My doctors GPs here is rubbish. I had to get private testing being hypo so I am completely self medicated. I also have 3 children also so pretty much don't stop, all day. Apart from the odd coffee break on here. The nhs should have done investigations after my third miscarriage but didn't. Also they left me really ill. Can't see a doctor until another 2 weeks time. Just have to hope this time it will be ok.

  • I would call and request an early apoitment. And talk to your Dr. And see if he can give you them shots. They will help carry the hormone you need and keep baby healthy. They can not deny your request

  • I don't have low progesterone though it's the t4 and t3 I was low in, it's important in pregnancy, especially early up to 12 weeks as the t4 crossed the placenta. I am now on medication for it so should be ok. Thanks

  • Congratulations!

    I hope everything goes fine this time! You need this hormone to carry with the pregnancy.

    If the doctor suggest it, he'll know what's is the best for you, so don't be scared! Injections aren't best friends of anybody but I'm sure it'll help you.

    Wishing you the best! x

  • Thanks Nanaki for you motivational words.

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