Nipples sore, change colors and burning ☹️ ( Breastfeeding)

Hi all, I'm new here and wonder if anyone has experienced nipple vasospasm and what their symptoms were? researching online indicates clearly that I have it and I will see the doctor on Monday. However I've already seen two doctors , one Told me I have cracked nipplee and I need to let them heal and the other one said they didint know what was bothering me and wait for HV to visit me. Then the HV told me to go Doctor and see if I have mastitis which I don't think I have. What shall I do? I'm so tired of this but I really want to continue breastfeeding !☹️

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  • Vasospasm should come and go, for example whilst baby is on maybe not latching on properly. If it's there constantly it's likely to e cracked nipples.i struggled to start off as baby was tongue tied. I used the purple lanolin cream (it's pricey but worth it) and used to express certain days to give my nipples a rest. Also check if there's breastfeeding support in your area as they can make sure baby is matching in properly. It can Pretty difficult as times. I persisted and managed in the end but took a few weeks till breastfeeding was no issue.

  • Thanks for your reply ! Well the pain is only when my daughter latches on and during the feed I can feel some but not as much. After the feeds it stays for a while and the cream has not helped 😿 I bought that one and the Medela one as well and doesn't seem to help. I've spoken to my midwife and HV saying that the latch is good so I guess I just have to wait for it to pass.

  • I suffered from what sounds the same early on. It would come at random times during the day (as well as when my baby first latched on) and I would get a really painful burning sensation and my nipples would change colour. It would last may be 30 seconds then it would pass. I too thought it was vasospasm but I didn't believe my baby had any issues latching on, I think my nipples were just sore as I was new to breastfeeding. Over time the frequency of this happening got less and less and by 7 weeks I didn't have any pain. It was tough but try and persevere if you can. My baby is now 6 months, I am still breastfeeding and it is so worth the few weeks of pain. I also recommend lansolin for cracked nipples, it lasts for ages too so worth the cost. Hope things get easier for you soon.

  • Thanks for sharing your story ! I do hope this passes by soon! I was crying in pain last night but still not giving up. I want to breastfeed and will continue to do so even if it's too painful. The cream doesn't help me at all but I spent so much money on different brands so I'll just continue using them. My daughter is almost 9 weeks old now so you can probably understand that I'm tired of this 😌

  • Oh gosh well done for sticking to it so long when it's still so painful . I can remember screaming inside with the pain, you are doing amazing. I really hope you get to the bottom of what's causing it so you can fully enjoy it.

  • Do what's best for you and the baby. Nobody else. I breastfed my first no problem, bit sore but it passed.Then struggled with my 2nd and third. Third was the worse as I had what you describe and was crying in pain. Eventually I alternated between breast and bottle. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty.

  • I used to get the burning pain and changing colour when I first started breastfeeding, was excruciating pain and had me in tears lots. It turned out I had blocked milk ducts on my actual nipple. They were like little blisters, managed to unblock them accidentally at first, using electric pump on full, suddenly got the pain, then pressure and noticed solid white stuff on nipple, picked it out then pumped again and suddenly had a great release of the pressure. Checked my other nipple and had the same white blisters. Then took about 3 days and nipple pain was gone completely.

    I googled it and called milk blisters. Xx

  • Thanks for your reply! I will research around this a bit more and see how it goes. Hopefully this will pass soon , and I'm glad you could bf without any problems after the horrible pain 👍🏽

  • I had a terrible time at first breastfeeding and was ready to give up, they were bleeding, cracked and so sore, my toes would curl and I would have to but on my hand every time she latched on. I went to the doctors who advised applying cabbage leaves but that didn't work either, I bought the lanisoh nipple cream applied that and wore the nipple sheilds on top which helped a lot, by about 6weeks my nipples started to heal, my lo is now 6months and I am still exclusively breastfeeding (however she can only latch on with the sheilds on) hope this helps X

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