Sleeping problems, help needed!

Hello everyone, my baby is 11 weeks old and we are having troubles to put him asleep flat on his back. He won't sleep in his moses basket, pram or cot, he will sleep just in the car sit. At first I was able to trick him once asleep I would move him in the moses basket, now he wakes up if I do so and cry. Any advice please? I'm desperate


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8 Replies

  • Have you tried swaddling him? Seems to comfort them as it makes them feel secure. I used to swaddle my baby, them feed her and put her in her Moses basket, she got used to it and used to sleep for ages.

  • Thanks Kat didn't think about that. I also have a swaddle but I haven't use it yet. That's brilliant. Tomorrow night I'll try it. Many thanks x

  • No probs hope it works, lack of sleep and a new baby is a nightmare😖

  • Kat u r a star!!!! It's the second night that Ty sleeps in his moses basket. I did exactly as you said and he goes sleep immediately and more importantly is able to sleep on his back! Feel much better now. Thank you so much

  • Yayyyyy!! You're welcome, glad it for you bet you feel so much better after being able to sleep;-)x

  • Have you tried propping up the end of the moses basket so he's not completely flat... it may be that hes got a bit of reflux and it's uncomfortable for him to be completely flat xx

  • You can actually buy a foam triangle to prop them up, a wedge thing. I must say my daughter was/is the same and at 8 months haven't found the solution. 😖

  • Thanks fairywomble and roxannacar I'm ready to try anything as he now sleeps just in his car sit which isn't healthy for his back! X

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