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I am a week late

Hi Everyone I just need some advice... I am a week late and was supposed to get my period August 5th..I took a urine test that day and it came out negative. I waited a week and took a blood test yesterday August 12th and it came out negative. I'm just concerned because I am never late and am very tired, bloated, nauseated and having cravings. I feel as if all my energy is gone. Could I still be pregnant? did I give my body enough time to even produce the hormone or should I wait longer? Please let me know.. Thank You

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Hello julidanielle,

you could be pregnant of course. or not. there are other reasons for a late period than pregnancy. unfortunately there isn't really a good way of finding out except doing a pregnancy test again in a few days. and going to your doctor, which I'd recommend in any case to get to the bottom of it all.

it doesn't really matter what anyone here on this forum thinks, because we aren't capable of knowing what's going on inside your body.

you do have access to doctors, don't you? i hope you do - if so, trust them, go and ask for help. if not, let us know.

good luck!!!


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