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5 days late BFN

I'm a total newbie but could really use some reassurance. Husband and I are on our first cycle TTC. My cycle is typically between 26 and 31 days - and I've been tracking it for three years (not crazy, but was forever being cut short when out and about without tampons...) So, AF was due last Sunday and nothing has appeared so far. I've tested a few times now and always a clear BFN. I'm not really sure what to do... Keep testing? Make a GP appointment? It is driving me mental - which is probably counter productive in itself but just totally baffled.

Anything similar happened to any of you ladies out there?

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I know it's difficult but I personally would try to forget about things and see what happens. The stress (which might be unbeknownst to you) may be delaying your period; or it may be taking longer due to your slightly irregular cycles so your positive is not showing. Was last Sunday when you were due AF for a 26 or a 31 day cycle? I personally wouldn't be ringing my GP at this stage.

GL :)


I agree, plan to test again in a week if nothing happens. So hard not to test everyday but it will stress you out if you do.


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