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Bfn @ 14 dpo blood stained EWCM

I've had symptoms of pregnancy pop right up from about 6dpo, I'm a pcos sufferer so I used an opk every day and although it wasn't the same darkness as the control line it was the darkest point at the month for me.

I came off notthisterone on 9/7/16, started bleeding 13/7/16

My old cycle before it messed up and I was bleeding a lot hence the three days of notthisterone I couldn't cope with the side effects so only took 1 a day for 3 days.

Any how I'm now day 30 in my cycle still have a lot of symptoms of pregnancy but I've taken tests since 11 dpo and all BFN

My old cycle was 29-31 days should this be back to the same again?

Really thought I was coming on my period yesterday and only when I wiped was their blood stained EWCM so I'm confused as to what the heck my body is doing my boobs still very sore, I know are all af symptoms but af hasn't shown her face yet

I feel pregnant and wish that I am, am I hoping too much I've spent £30 on testing this month so saving my last first response for next Saturday if I still haven't come on.

Anyone been in the same boat and got a BFP?

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