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Bit High BMI ??

Hello Everybody.

I wouldlike to aske a litte advise Is anybody had a bit high BMI? My midwife sad I have a little bit high BMI so she sent me to the consultant but I feel absolutely unnecessary because I know how can I corrigate and its not mean I have a diabetes during my pregnancy. In my family had no any diabetes ... Also I need to attend to the TTG blood test... It is happend with anyboday?? What can I do if my bloodsugar will be normal after that when I drunk the glucose ??? What will be it mean ? And what is the counsultant will be aske?. I am sick from any sweets or sweet drink..

I am really worrying.

Thank You so much any advise I wish a nice day at everybody.

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Hi I have a high BMI but I was referred to the consultant due to neurological condition and pcos.

There is nothing to worry about, if everything is all going well and your BMI was only reason for referral they will likely discharge you.

Do have the glucose test, I think it's standard that everyone has it anyway, though I could be wrong. You don't need to have diabetes in the family to be at risk of gestational diabetes. I'm having the test in a couple of weeks because I am at a higher risk as I also have PCOS.

If they do the test and blood results show that your body deals with the glucose normally that will be it you haven't got gestational diabetes. Depending on when they test they may want to repeat further along.

My first appointment with the consultant was fab, just asked how I was doing etc however as I am seeing them for other medical matters my high BMI wasn't even really mentioned.

I really wouldn't worry about being refered


Hello Lovely Spoonierunning

Thank you so much your replay :) Your answer is really was helpfoul to me and calm down me... My midwife she just reffered to me because of the high bmi but notthing else.My appointment with my counsultant it will be 30 of September. I will have a glucose test too in November...

How do you get your resoult after the glucose test?

If everything is okay what they wil be do?

Thank you your lovely answer its really helped me calm down...

Wish a nice day and all the best :)


I had a high bmi of 33 when I got pregnant. Wasn't referred to consultant as I think it needs to be higher but got the glucose test done. The glucose test is done around 25 weeks pregnancy, you are starved for it they take a test then just drink a sugary drink. After 2 hours they repeat the blood test. I got my result on the day when the midwife called me. Mine was ok but if it's not then they monitor the pregnancy more closely, diet control and use medication if necessary. It's all quite important as high blood sugar can have big effects of baby. So it's better to be safe. In the mean time try eat healthy as it's tempting to eat all you want when pregnant!



Thanks your replay my bmi is 37 .Thanks your advise I ate daily fresh veges and meat soups for my lunch , for breakfast I eating muesli and my dinner is salads with fish or boiled egg or similar. Also I moving a lot we going out for a walk whit my daughter if the weather is good... Also now I eat much less than before my pregnancy... I can not eat... I have no any sickness just I not wishing any food and I not feel myself hungry. But dipend on these I eat just because of my baby ...And if I want to eat some snack i eat a natural yoghurt or just some seed or cashew nut...also I can not eat any sweets or chocholat because i sick from them and also dont wishig them..


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