Scared, and confused

I'm ten weeks pregnant today I've been spotting for a little over a week now,the spotting is dark brown,no pain, went to the Dr yesterday and they said that the sac was empty and it measured to be the same of a sac that was only six she said that I had a miscarriage because the sac was empty.....I don't know what to do or there anyone having these problems?

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I am sorry for your loss, I have just gone through something similar but for me the baby's heartbeat had stopped and the sac was still growing. It's usually either or when a miscarriage happens. It's very stressful but your doctor should have advised you to do another scan to reconfirm the miscarriage and given you options what to do next. There are 3 options to have a natural miscarriage, medical or surgical. I could not make a decision as was so shocked as it was Monday when I heard the baby's heart beat and on Friday it stopped. I went for a scan as well since I was brown spotting with no pain. Worst was that we found out that we miscarried just before my birthday and it took us a while to get over it and still are not fully over it. I had a surgical operation earlier this week as I was having dark brown discharge but natural miscarriage was not happening for me, plus I was told by my family doctor as well that it's better to get a surgical operation done and it was pain free as you are given general anaesthetic and then have some cramps and bleeding on and off for 2 weeks or so. The physical pain is almost gone but mental is another thing altogether, I am really sorry for your loss and I know how it feels

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