Has anyone given birth alone ?

Apart from the midwife in the room with you .Has anyone given birth alone ? Im due next month and my husband wouldn't be able to attend the birth as he will be looking after our other 3 children .My cousin does want to come but I doubt it she will as she doesn't have the patience to hang aroung and rest of my family are useless .They wouldn't want to attend because they don't get on with my husband and inlaws .I can't afford an doula and I had a pervious emergency c section .So has anyone given birth alone and how was your experience ?

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  • Hi sugar123 I've given birth on my own by choice with a midwife obviously! I prefer it like that, my husband was hopeless in the past. My mother was there she said she would come in with me but I asked her to wait outside, it sounds a bit old fashioned giving birth on one's own, but somehow I felt like I wanted to be alone. I've never had any pain killers either. When I tried gas and air I just felt dizzy! I asked for an epidural once but they didn't get it there in time! Good luck and don't be scared if you are alone.

  • Thanks hun I feel so much better after reading your comment .My hubby was good but unfortualy he can't make it this time because he will be looking after rest of our children .I don't want my mother there because when she went with me on my daughters turn .She was cursing my daughter and saying to my daughter "y doesn't she just die ?" The reason why I had an emergency c section with her and she did nearly die .But it wasn't my daughters fault .I mean why curse her ? Wow no pain relief your such a brave woman and btw the gas and air is meant to make you feel dizzy and light headed to take your mind off the pain for abit hun x

  • I'm not so great at giving birth lol I just scream my head off lol and I definitely didn't like being more dizzy 😂 I remember the midwife telling me to stop pushing so hard, I should of taken her advice as I had severe bleeding afterwards and had to be in the hospital for days😥, but I just couldn't help myself. I think preparation is important like breathing techniques etc but when the labour starts I forget any sense! I'm glad your daughter is alive, she certainly is not cursed, I guess your mother was very stressed and upset. Is there no way your husband can be there? It sounds like that's what you would like.

  • Yeah your right I do want him there badly but there is no way he can make it .It will be my 4th baby so I have experience .Aww bless you .Yeah that's why they tell you to pant at the end x

  • Just as an idea why not ask your cousin/family to look after the kids instead!! I obviously don't know your situation but they might be willing to look after the kids a bit more and your husband can stay with you! Of course I might be over simplifying.

  • I can't because they wouldn't agree to it

  • Honestly don't worry about being with just your midwife. They are brilliant and know exactly what to do in such situations. Just let yours know in advance this is what you require. I did have my husband there for my first birth but having experienced it I'd happily go it alone this time. (I'm due any day now). He was great and I'm taking him along again, but doing it alone I'd not question. Sometimes family members panic and say or do things that simply don't help so by having the support of a professional is a sound choice. Don't even think about it just enjoy the ride.

  • There is a charity called birthing companions, they provided me with a doula for free. She was brilliant. I had just gas and air and was totally calm. Hope you have a good labour x

  • Thanks I will check their website out now x

  • They also helped me for a few weeks post partum, offering to look after the baby, clean up go shopping. I can't praise them enough. X

  • Yes, 3 times out of 5, I actually preferred it 😀,

  • Why did u prefer it ?

  • Hi, I gave birth on my own, not by choice but I was induced so the midwife sent my partner home. He didn't make it back in time for the birth unfortunately as they didn't check on me to see how I was doing and as it was my first time I didn't recognise the signs of labour ( I have a high pain threshold). I wasn't upset or worried until the end when they said the baby was in distress. I think you'll be fine because you're experienced but just make sure the midwives don't ignore you or leave you on your own.

  • Thanks I will try .I maybe experienced but I had a pervious c section and also I have cervical dystonia

  • I have never given birth alone but i would not have been happy doing it i think. The midwife will help you trough it and you wouldnt be the first, Still isnt it an option that you find a sitter for your kids?

  • My kids wouldn't stay with family .Let alone an stranger lol

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