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Potentially 5 weeks tomorrow , brown mucus show over past two days?

In a strange situation. I'm 4 days late, feel, sick in waves, have had severe fatigue few weeks back, dry mouth, itchy boobs, and just started , last few days, getting really impatient and moody for no reason. I believe I'm pregnant but tests are negative, doc said to test again in two weeks which I can do , although the wait is agonising, with my first son line on test was so faint even at 6weeks so this could potentially happen again.

New development today and yesterday is brown mucus , light yesterday, minimal on pad , a little heavier today, it is accompanied by stomach cramps which would concern me more if I didn't have endometriosis as well.

Any one had any experiences with this? I feel quite isolated with this as I have not tested posative yet the doctors won't be interested.

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You could request a blood pregnancy test from your GP. I would explain your other symptoms too as they may need to rule out other issues causing your fatigue, nausea etc.


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