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Surgical Operation

Hi, I need some advise. I just has a surgical operation on Tuesday as had missed miscarriage at 7 weeks. My operation was done what would have been by 11 th week if I was still pregnant.

I am bleeding a bit on and off and have mild stomach cramps on and off as well. Wanted to know if there are others who have been in the same boat that I am and what has their experience been and also what are their thoughts of trying again for a baby

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hi, I also had a missed miscarriage last year and after a v long drawn out natural miscarriage, an infection the medical miscarriage they agreed the surgical route. 3 weeks later I was pregnant again! You are v fertile after a miscarriage. There is no right or wrong to getting pregnant again, in hindsight I wish we'd waited a little longer as although the miscarriage took 6 weeks I don't feel like I properly grieved for my lost baby. It's v personal though and something you need to discuss with your partner. Be kind to yourself during this time, you've been to a difficult place x

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I had a mmc last year it was awful and after the surgery I was in a fairly dark place for a while but we started trying again after 2 1/2 months, we are another 7 months on and we are still not pregnant but full of hope. It is grief don't be afraid to let it out. Good luck for the future, and very sorry for your loss x

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