hi all, when my period was due I had 3 day very light pink/brown spotting, didn't even need a pad. Had creamy/sticky discharge ever since. Now 3 weeks later still no proper period, I have had what seems to be morning diarrhea, then turned to morning sickness. Have done 5 pregnancy tests all of which negative, so what is going on????


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  • have you went to the doc and got tested there?? I had the same experience with my first pregnancy. Are your periods always regular?? I suggest you get a blood test done just in case and go from there.

  • I had a pregnancy test done at doctors when I was having dizzy spells and was having daily hypos and was negative and this was just over week after the spotting. My periods are regular 34 days and the spotting was bang on time but wasn normal no red blood and only there a few times a day when I wiped. I know docs don't really like doing blood pregancy tests unless you get a positive urine test. I totally wouldn't mind if I'm not, we haven't exactly been trying but it's just I hate feeling like this and no explanation.

  • Sometimes funny periods happen and there's no explanation. If the blood test was negative a week after you were "due" then it's unlikely you're pregnant.

  • Sorry it was a urine test that was negative week after I was due

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