Hi i am 36 years old and have an 15 year old girl, 11 year old boy, 8 year old girl and a 5 month old girl and I think I'm pregnant again!!! We have only had sex twice since the birth of my latest (sorry for tmi) I took theorning after pill within the 72 hour gap and I'm scared of taking a test as I don't know if I could cope with another in a short period of time because my youngest has done nothing but be wingy the last 24 hours and really stressing me out! I am borderline at breaking point! 😫 I need advice apart from to take a test my period is two weeks late x

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I was in a similar situation recently. And I just started feeling nauseous and dizzy from worry. Seems my mum went through the same when she had me! Are you breastfeeding if I can ask? This will lower chances of getting pregnant. Ultimately tho you need to get a tear as being scared is not gonna sort things out... If there is a baby it's not gonna magically disappear because you don't test. So do get tested and if your not get some actual contraception sorted out... The morning after pill should not be used as regular contraception. It's can also mess up periods as its a hormonal pill.

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No I am not breastfeeding at the moment and I do constantly feel sick and tired I am taking a test tomorrow


If you took the morning after pill within 72hours then that should have done its job. 5 months after birth your periods probaby haven't settled down into a regular pattern yet so try not to panic... however unfortunately taking a test is the only way to be sure!


I know the later into the 82 hour period tou take it the chances of it working slim down and I am taking test tomorrow thanks


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