My fiance and I broke up in February 15 2016 and when we didn't get my period when I should have gotten it so I thought I was just stress because of the break up so a couple weeks went by and I still didn't get and then I had sex with an ex and then I found out on March 28 2016 I was already 6 weeks pregnant, so I called my fiance and told him and now he thinks the baby isnt his and thinks it's my ex.

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  • so when did you miss your period exactly? As it is now July I imagine you had a dating scan. I mean reality is that you probably going to have to get a dna test if your ex doesn't believe you or has doubts.

  • what date was your period due? they do add two weeks on as they go from first day of last period and sonographers do aswell, I new what day I had conceived my baby so when I went for scan I told them I was only 5 weeks 3 days yet they dated me at 7+3, the only way to fully solve his doubts is a DNA test

  • I should have gotten my period the week after we broke up which would have been February 18 through February 22

  • So your last period was in January 18ish? How did you calculate you are 6 weeks from ultrasound? Did further ultrasound confirm this, the 12 and 20 weeks ones? From those dates it's whoever you had sex with beginning February. But really if there are doubts a dna test has to be done.

  • I the first ultrasound said I was 10 weeks and that was on April 12 and I had sex with my fiance first in the being of February

  • If the ultrasound is correct (which it isn't always 100%) your "sexy time" is mid/late Feb ... Which wouldn't make sense if that when you missed your period... It depends when you had sex with your ex, if you had sex within a few weeks of each other (which sounds like the case) I don't blame your fiancé wanting a dna as it's the only way to be certain.

  • without being to rude do you no the exact date you had sex with the ex

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