Empty gestational sac at 6+3. Please help

Last Friday I went in for an ultrasound it measured 5w3d. I started to bleed some brown last night with a very tiny clot and went in again for another US. I was 6w3d at this ultrasound. The gestational sac had gotten bigger... But it was empty. No fetal pole, no heartbeat. Doctor went straight to miscarriage and told me I could book a D&C. I chose to wait until I am 7w2d for another us to try again. Has anyone had this happen? Successful or non successful.

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Sorry this is happening to you. I had a missed miscarriage so very different but I did have a D&C and what they didn't tell me before was it can cause scar tissue which can make getting pregnant and carrying harder in the future. I hope all is as it should be at your US. Sorry I can't help more.


Hi,this happened to me.they saw the sac and the fetal pole,it was showing i was about 3 wks but i shouldve been 6 wks.they took bloods on 2 seperate occasions and my levels dropped and a few days later i sorry this is happening to u,the sitting and waiting is the hardest.xx


Be posititive babyl pray to god he gives u everything what u want . I hope next us gives u a good news...wish u good luck .I had us at 6 week 1 day but there was a good cordiac activity. But every women with every pregnancy is very different so wait and see .... I heard that some women don't see anything up to 9 weeks.

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Hi <3 hope you are ok :) I just read an older post about how sometimes they just can't find the baby as they are so little and can 'hide' :) so I hope this is the case with you - I think you were wise to wait and have another us! apparently this can happen even up to 9 or 10 weeks :) hope this encourages you anyway hope you are not stressing out too much :) <3


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