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Feeling hot and frequent headaches

We recently found out that my wife (yes this is coming from a concerned father to be) is now expecting our first (just over 9 weeks at the time of writing). We have the first appointment with the midwife on Wednesday.

Since finding out she has had issues with her body temperature (just constantly feeling hot both physically herself and to the touch) and a near constant headache from anytime after lunch time up until we go to bed. She hasn't been taking any paracetamol as she is still so early and we are unsure if it will have any side effects on the baby.

Has anyone else (or your partner) had any of above issues? Are they to be expected (and hopefully disappear) and we just have to deal with them?

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Paracetamol is safe throughout pregnancy. Have you checked the temperature with a thermometer? It can be hard to tell if someone is feverish without.

Whilst pregnant you can feel warmer than normal, i used to be warm most of the time. Also is she drinking plenty of fluids? That could definitely be cause for headaches.

Invest in a good thermometer (you'll need one for the baby anyways) and if she is feverish and not settling you should be seeing your GP


When I was 6 weeks I had frequent headaches and body temperature is still high I'm now 9 weeks but go to doctors just in case for a quick check up


Suggest you go and see your GP and discuss your worries with her/him.


My baseline body temperature has risen due to pregnancy, I felt really hot during first trimester. I would suggest monitoring temp. Paracetamol is fine during pregnancy. Stay away from aspirin and NSAIDs (eg Ibruprofen). Headaches normal side effect.

I hope your midwife appointment went well x


Hi All. Thank you for the help.

We bought a digital ear thermometer so we can just make sure she is ok (so far the highest she has been is 38 degree's so all fine). Midwife appointment went fine and have done the first set of blood tests and waiting on the results.


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