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12 weeks pregnant and Fainting

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Hi all, I'm new here :-) This is my first post and also expecting my first bubba!!

I've been experiencing lots of fainting and blacking out recently, I have been to the doctors a few times however they didn't give me much advice on how to avoid this happening.

Any advice please :-) Thank you in advanced.

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Perhaps iron levels are low? Are you taking any prenatal vitamins? These normally include iron but some women may need to supplement iron as well - did they do any blood tests? I didn't faint in pregnancy but did feel v light headed at times and they said it may be iron. Worth a try!

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Thank you I've just started taking them but been signed off work because it comes so frequently :-( how long did you feel light headed for xx

When I had fainting episodes (wasn't pregnant at the tome) was told to put head between knees till dizziness past or if I knew I'd blackout lay down on floor so I wouldn't injure myself. Looked like an idiot but protected me.from.head injury if I collapsed. If it's happening frequently I would have thought gp would do something have you mentioned.it to the midwife? Maybe it's the hormones or something? Keep up with vitamins and iron as it can take a while for the iron to.kick in. I was told when I was pregnant and anaemic that my iron was so low I needed iron drips because the tablets wouldn't kick in for 2 weeks so I had to have iron drips at the hospital every few days. Defo mention it to midwife try get an appointment. She'll probably check your bp and that hope this helps sorry I can't offer any more advice. Xx

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Hi, Yes I have tried the putting your head between your knees and got some very funny looks but it works ! lol. I've been in and out of the doctors for test and still waiting on results on one of the test however the blood test showed my iron levels are very low so I've started taking iron tablets ! I hope they kick in soon! Had a little fall down a couple of steps of my stairs last night :-( Thank you for advice ! Didn't know if it was common or there was something wrong xx

You don't mention how far you are? Are you drinking plenty of fluids? Vomiting at all? It could be your iron level but that normally doesn't happen very early in pregnancy unless you were previously anaemic to start off with.

Low bp is very common, and making sure you sit up slowly and try not bend over, if you do take it in steps to get up. If it's a low bp apart from having fluids there's not much else you can do.

Hi, I wrote above in the title i'm 12 weeks however one of my cravings is orange juice so I drink it like its going out of fashion lol. I have had a blood test and it shows very low iron, I have started taking tablets which I hope helps !! Thank you for your advice :-) I'm hoping this will pass soon enough! x

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The iron supplements should sort it for you and it's good to be craving orange juice as the vitamin C will help with iron absorption. Avoid tea and indigestion remedies within 2 hours of taking the iron as it affects absorption. It can be a little harsh on your digestion, I found taking it with evening meal the best time for me. Try to eat more red meat if you can. Green veg as well but the red meat is more easily absorbed. My light headedness didn't last long as a symptom and I think the iron did improve things.

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