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Rough day

So had a rough day today got a little intimate with my partner 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow, start bleeding but as soon as I wipe up it never come back it was a lot of fresh blood went to hospital and they are sending me for a scan tomorrow but no pain what so ever just had some mild cramping for about 10 mins, pregnancy symptoms still here but not really bad, rhey haven't been bad at all through pregnancy any advice?

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Definitely go for scan and keep and eye, but fairly common to bleed after sex in pregnancy...

Just be gentle and careful. Xxx


Pregnancy symptoms would not come and go so easily ... As in it s nothing to do with baby ,they just get better and worse. As for the bleeding that's v common, I had it, because everything else has a better blood supply well you're pregnant and your blood volume goes up. Of course you. Need to get it checked out but these are things that happen commonly so try not worry too much


I am 9 weeks pregnant and had the same thing happen just a few days ago. A lot of research and a chat with OB confirms its pretty common, and the real symptoms you're watching for are intense cramps and heavy bleeding (soaking up a whole pad in just a few hours for example). Still good to get checked, but you can (and should) relax. But trust me, I know it's easier said than done! Breathe <3


It was just one bleed then it's gone to brown blood, no intense cramping no abdominal pain either pregnancy symptoms still here just lighter than usual we will see what the scan days at 5pm hopefully good news


Scan confirmed baby is fine heartbeat still there everything looks normal and to scale :) nothing to worry about was just a pocket of blood I think thank God :)

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