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I want to name my daughter the same name as my first cousin

At my 20 week scan I find out I'm having a girl but no one else knows except my husband and only one of my cousin . I decided to name my baby girl girl "Aliza." My husband agreed . But my aunty had her daughter before mines and her husband named their daughter Aliza . I still love this name but I haven't told my aunty because none of them know what I'm having except my cousin ( who is like a sister to me.) My cousin said I can still name my daughter the same name because my sister named her daughter and son the same names as our cousins . I don't know if I should or not . I did kind of hint it to my aunty saying that " my hubby loved that name and said if we have a daughter then we will name her Aliza ." My aunty replied back saying " there are loads of nice names . " I think she would mind from inside but couldn't really say anything as my nephew and her son share the same name . The age difference between her daughter and mines would be just above 3 months . Do you think I should still go ahead and name my daughter Aliza too ? Is it a good idea ? We only meet up on special occasions like eid or a family wedding . In advance thank you

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It's your baby call her what you like. Stuff everyone else. When I found out I was having a boy thr first time I had chosen a girls name incase he was a girl. My cousin got pregnant n I told her how much the girls name of chose meant to me as...

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Hope you're well. I think it's your daughter, so you should name her what ever you want to name her. If others are disapproving of your name, that is their problem! I hope you can decide on a beautiful name soon!

Good luck with everything. 😃

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Thank u I really luv tat name x


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