I am worried

I have a baby girl who turned 8 months a week ago. She does not roll over, sit up by herself, stand up straight (she has noodle legs), does not grab things or does not focus on anyone or anything except me and her dad which we still have to do a lot to get her to focus. She does not eat her baby food that well, it always seems like her tongue gets in the way. I am worried because she isn't in the place where most 8 month Olds should be. Should I be concerned?

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Please see your Gp and health visitor to check your baby. Trust your instincts and get her seen. If they are concerned then they will refer you to services that are right for your situation. Even if you have already seen someone you can ask for a second or even third opinion. Every baby is different however what you just explained doesn't sound right for babies age.

I would definitely go see the gp and get referred to a paediatrician, as she should been doing at least a few of those things. My only questions is, do you give your daughter time to try and do new things. As in does she spend time on a mat, out of a bouncer out of arms, do you try to give her toys to hold on to? I don't know what you mean by "noodle legs". My daughter is 7months and her legs look bit bowed but thats perfectly normal at this age.

I do practice with her every day and all the time. I even try to get whoever is watching her to work with her. Still no results in her even wanting to try. What I mean by noodle legs is, when I try to stand her up..she bends them back or to the side and never puts them straight. We are working with her none stop and nothing. I have took her to SoonerStart and her doctor and they just keep telling me she is delayed and will get there in time. But she is 8 months and still has done nothing. My husband and his family thinks she is fine but I am not so sure.

Just checked out soonerstart. It's a US thing it seems but it looks like it's the place to go. The other option of course is getting a second opinion. Have they checked things like her vision and hearing? To make sure its not something that can be resolved? I don't mean to panic you, but at 8 months I would be concerned if my baby wasn't grabbing anything or struggling to focus on things around her. I hope you find the answers you're looking for.

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