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7 going on 17 HELP!!

This is my last hope at getting some insight into my child's mind.

She's 7 (8 in October), she is more then intelligent enough to know how to behave. HOWEVER she doesnt do so, myself, her teachers and other supporting adults have spent a school years just trying to get her to focus on school work, be kind, and work well with others.

she really struggles with working with other children, she doesnt have great social skills when it comes to making and keeping friends. She is also really struggling with 'if at first you don't succeed, try and try and try.. Again' she gets really frustrated, will normally cry and then give up. We all constantly push her to try and tell her she can get it through working hard but she can't seem to handle not being perfect?

Any advice or someone who can talk to me frequently for some advice giving?

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Really sorry meant to reply to this ages ago, was in the middle of doing so and phone died. Hopefully things are OK but I wanted to suggest a book called happier, calmer, easier parenting. My son had similar issues between 3 and 6 and in some cases it's a waiting game. On a personal point I would say to stop pushing. She isn't 17 she is a confused 7 year old who needs love and understanding not pressure and comparisons to her peers. If your really concerned seek professional advice and maybe see an educational psychologist. Am happy to talk regularly and know that your not alone. We all want the best for our children and we would love for them to be the best but sometimes their not. My advice stop pressuring her, love her and let her know that no matter what you will always love her and support her.


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