21 Weeks + 4 & feeling a bit down

I have been sick every morning since i was 6 weeks pregnant and its starting to get me a little down, thankfully now its just a morning vomit and then im ok, but until i have had that vomit im not good.

Any advice on how i can feel better? i have tried the whole ginger, sickness bands, biscuits cup of tea in bed before i get up but nothing helps


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6 Replies

  • I know how you feel, I've been sick as a dog too since 5 weeks. I'm 15 weeks now and like you I'm still being sick (it was multiple times a day now its once or twice in the morning, sometimes more tho). I am so fed up of it already, it must be rubbish at 21 weeks!! Recently I realised if I take my pregnancy vitamin later in the evening with a snack, and also if I have NOTHING in the morning not even a sip of water then I am mostly not sick at all. If I miss my tablet or drink/eat within half an hour of getting up then I feel awful. I guess it's trial and error. I still feel ill throughout the day but if I eat every two hours I'm better. Not sure if this has helped, good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

  • I don't think much helps - I am 30+2 now and I am still suffering with it! I try to get rest when I can and also drink as much water as possible. The only thing that did help on a really bad day was rich tea biscuits and rest - not easy when you still have to get up and go to work.

    I hope it passes soon and you start feeling better. Just keep reminding yourself it wont last forever and soon you will have forgotten about it when you have your bundle of screaming joy in your arms!!!

  • I know exactly how you feel, Mine finally stopped at 20 weeks, came back till 24 weeks, I am now 33 + 3 and only feel nauseous every now and again when im tired. Just try and remember it's horrible, and you feel terrible all the time, but it isn't forever. Literally as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning I was sick, so it sounds weird, but if your the same, try to keep dry biscuits by the bed and eat them before you open your eyes ( keep them at an arms reach) Nothing gingery helped, except I flew abroad a few weeks ago and was sickie and ginger beer, which is usually vile, settled my tummy and made me feel better. but biscuits and tablets etc did nothing for me. I have been told if your tired it makes the sickness worse, so try to get a good night sleep and I really hope for your sake it passes soon. To me it now feels like a distant memory thank the lord!

    Good luck :)

  • Hi Ladies, I am 17 weeks pregnant and too suffered from severe sickness from weeks 6/7 until week 12/13. My saving grace came in the form of some antihistamine tablets I was prescribed from the Doctor's. I only took them on a weekend initially, just to get me through it. I found not being at work or having my early morning sick made me feel a lot worse. I spent weekend after weekend so depressed just being sick all day/evening and even lost weight. The antihistamines I was prescribed worked really well. I started taking one a day and by the time the packet had run out my sickness had also passed. Don't suffer ladies!! There is something the Doctor's can prescribe you. These particular tablets weren't for your average allergy. I also tried ginger biscuits etc. etc. but nothing helped and instead made me feel more sick. Good luck xx

  • Are they completely safe? I'm only 6/7 weeks and the morning sicknes has started only this week but I'm not even able to walk without being sick and nausea doesn't go away even at night..I know it's early to complain but I can't do a thing without being sick, haven't really eaten in 5 days because everything goes back...

  • There is a medical condition called hyperemesis gravidarum in pregnancy and it's actually Unknown how many pregnant women go having severe sickness and not reporting it. I have hyperemesis gravidarum and I'm on medication however, before I knew I had it I was unable to ke fluids down and food and I went to the doctors. I did a urine sample which measured the Keaton's in my urine and it indicated I was dehydrated. I then was admitted to hospital to have an IV fluid drip x7 to get the fluids back into my body and also am now taking 3 lots of medication for anti sickness. This may help if you have severe sickness to the replies of this post. It's worth to always get checked out and to be safe :-) I hope this helped. I had it severely where I couldn't get up without being sick and would spend days on end in bed rest. Try to drink hot drinks instead of the cold ones like Horlicks worked for me. Cold drinks might just run through your body and then cause you to vomit. I hope this is useful. Goodluck and all the best x

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