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Undecided... embark on FET for second baby or not??

We had our first child through IVF and following treatment we had 3 frozen embryos (5 day blastocyst). Our son is now 16 months old and we are in discussion as to whether or not to try for a brother or sister for him... On the one hand we love the idea of him having a sibling but on the other I think we are still recovering from the 'first year'...

My main worry is the tiredness and my age. I am only 37 but I have felt less fit since having a baby and my body takes longer to recover from exercise and I can't shift last bit of baby weight.

I just wanted to know if anyone was in a similar position and had any views.

I know it's still early days but I don't want to leave it too long for all the obvious reasons!

thanks x

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Hi Hun I'm not in the same sytuation what u but I'm not much younger then u ..I'm 36 and we r gonna start on 25th us second IVF cycle. This time diferent clinic looking more promising for positive results ☺️ Well in first one we didn't have any to freeze but I hope real hope that finally after 4 years trying going through so much roller coaster miracle will happen. I really hope that this time we will have some to freeze and if we do I will give my self a year to start thinking for another one to have . I'm not getting any younger and my hubby is going to be 40 . Well Hun everyone is diferent if u not feel "there yet "...give your self bit more time . X


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