39 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and I think iv just had my -Show- Help please

Hiya, I'm 39 weeks with my 3rd little girl and I was sure I had my show weeks ago but at 6am I woke up with bright red blood & a little lump (disgusting I know) & my back pain has got worst but iv no pattern in tightening, Just wondering if the bright red is the right colour for the show or if its something else -?

if it is my Show - What should I do?

my first pregnancy & birth living away from home in Ireland so not sure how fast things move or don't move in my local hospital? ,❤😳

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  • It might be your show but I would call the midwife and see what she says. Hope all goes well. Probably your body just getting ready for the big day but best to get any bleeding checked out. Xx

  • yes, well iv never carried so long before , I had both daughters at 32 & 34 weeks so that's my thinking too as I thought I lost my show 3 weeks ago but my midwife is terrible, I can never get a hold of her so I think Il just ring the maternity ward, thank you for replying ❤

  • Yes that was going to be my next suggestion. Either phone triage or hospital direct. Take care. Xx

  • thank you ❤

  • Did it like a lump of snot/jelly yep then it's ur show. If you have no tightening so it might a while yet. I was told to call the hospital when contractions were 5 mins ... Although when I called first time they disappeared and took several hours to come back regularly again... it also Depends how far you live from the hospital... Good luck but if in doubt just give a call they'll help you out

  • yes I'm sure its my show so Il think Il ring them to be safe as I do live up to half hour from hospital, I do have painful tightening but there not regular , there just getting more painful 😳

  • Hiya everyone, Just been to hospital and still having irregular contractions but midwife gave me membrane sweep & still losing bits of bloody mucus, How long after membrane sweep & show did labour start for you please? ❤ Never had any of this with both pregnancy before as I had them spontaneously at 32 & 34 weeks 😳

  • I had a sweep and gave birth 5 hours later lol but I'd been induced with the propess but it didn't make me dilate so she did a sweep and waited to see if my contractions started.. and my God they came one after the other. But then again my cousin had a sweep and she still needed induced at 42 weeks. Everyone is different but if you're already having irregular contractions and pain I'd say won't be too long!!! Get bouncing on a yoga ball they are pretty good.. I did a lot of walking round the hospital when I had my second that got.things going xx

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