Groin/pelvic pain

Started off with a sharp pain in my left side of my stomach yesterday and belly felt hard and just thought it was because I was sat down so I was stiff but then changed to aching groin and lower back pain and constant cramping feeling and pressure in lower stomach,got a bath didn't make any better felt worse and woke up still feeling just as bad this morning hurts when walking I'm 32+4 and not sure wether to ring midwife or if just round ligament pain?

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  • Hi, I'm nearly 23 weeks and have had this constant pain also in my groin around, it's kills me someone to even move my legs and it's gone to the lower part of my back, I didn't know if it muscle stretching or not. I wonder if anyone else has had it and if I should ring someone. I have tried to contact my midwife but she doesn't seem to answer or reply to me :/ xx

  • Sounds like pelvic girdle pain, ladies. I had this in 3rd trimester and it has varying degrees of pain. Some days I was fine and others I was in a lot of pain, seemed to get worse if I walked too far or uphill. In my last week I pulled something and couldn't even walk with it! My advice is get a gym ball to sit on to take off pressure and contact your hospital to see a Physio there. They can provide support bands and give you exercises. Some women get it so bad they have to use crutches. The good news is it should go away after birth. It's also known as spd.

  • I should also add that I developed it later in my pregnancy but when I was at the group Physio session there were women there who were much earlier on in the second trimester. So it seems you can develop it anytime. Heated pads and baths should also help. And you will need to consider positions when you give birth so that it doesn't hurt too much.

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