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I'm so sad

Hi guys. I posted before about my pregnancy tests and symptoms, unfortunately I was stuck in the hospital all day yesterday. They done blood tests and poked and prodded me before telling me I had more than likely lost a baby early on in pregnancy as my hcg was really low. We weren't trying for a baby and were shocked to have a positive test as I'm on the POP pill and used extra protection when needed. Although it was a surprise I'm devastated to have lost a baby. They called it a silent miscarriage which I have never heard of and They've given me codeine for the pain which is helping. We weren't planning on having anymore children as we're happy with 3 but very much of the attitude never say never as we are both young (26&27), I'm confused as I still feel the same but devastated that I'm no longer pregnant. I don't know if I'm looking for advice or just someone to relate to or what... Any replies will be appreciated x

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So sorry for you, miscarriages are very common and no one really knows why they happen. I had a mc some time back and it did hurt badly emotionally, I had to have a D&c as some stuff was left in. I grieved and always wonder what could have been, with my strong belief in God I had to accept that we are all from the creator and have to return and in this case prematurely and for babies they return as angels. Also family support was important to me to come to terms with it. It took 18 months to get over the fear of another mc and now have Dd who is 16 months. Talk about it when you need to, cry if you feel like, it is normal to be sad and to grieve. Even loosing someone so small hurts and it takes time to move on. I pray that your pain and sadness will come to an end soon and also pray for the best for you. If you don't believe then please forgive me in advance and if you do then faith is a beautiful thing to hold onto and it's precious. Wishing you all the best ........


Hi sumariamira thanks for taking the time to reply. I lost a baby a few years ago as well... What seems to stick in my head is that I'll never hold them or know them, I won't see their first smile or learn their little ways and quirks. I believe there is something bigger than us but I don't have a fixed faith but there's nothing to forgive. Thank you for your kindness and prayers and I'm so pleased to hear you have a rainbow baby!


Hi Sayjay90, always have hope is what I will say to you. Never loose hope regardless of anything. After my last loss I was so scared of trying again but after lots of research I discovered that mcs happen lots more than reported as some don't even realise. Also lots of ladies go on to have healthy pregnancies and babies. I learnt that lots of fear can also make an individual block themselves and hence started meditating, zita west vitamins Vitafem and Vitafem boost, they are expensive but worth every penny. I was determined to get this Sunshine and after a few changes as advised by Zita West we welcomed our Dd no 4 and named her faith. Hope and faith go hand in hand and I Continue to pray for you and and ladies trying to conceive bcoz it is a blessing that teaches you how to love like never before, how to feel like never before, how to be grateful like never before, how to look at life and live it like never before e.t.c Stay strong, hopeful, and have faith that your turn will come. Stay healthy weight wise. Eat well, supplement as this is essential and mentally be prepared and ready It will happen. Sincerely wishing you the best, don't give up and keep trying ..........


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