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Help....super uncomfortable

Am 31+2 and last couple of days have been having 'issues' down under. Everything feels very swollen and there's almost a scraping/scratchy sensation,mainly when walking,makes it very uncomfortable. Have read some things about varicose veins in vagina due to the pressure of babies' head.....anyone else had this at all? Desperate for advice. Baby seems fine,still plenty of movement,not leaking fluid just normal amounts of discharge (which is alot for this stage).....

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Sorry to hear you are having a bad time. Yes you can get varicose veins there. I had one with my last pregnancy but it was not causing any major problems but down there looked swollen. Get the midwife to have a look just to make sure everything is okay. The good news is that as soon as baby arrives everything hopefully will get back to normal, hang in there. Wear loose underwear and keep an eye to make sure it isn't worsening.

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