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16 week mat appointment

Hi all

Just wanted some advice - I turned up today for my 16 week midwife appointment and walked in and it was a group session!! Is this normal ??? It was a complete waste of time, they did a blood pressure test and then showed us around the ward!! I had loads of questions I wanted to go through and didn't want to ask in front if everyone

Any recommendations on what I can do?


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Don't think this is normal!

Never happened for me or for others I know.

Call midwife and ask for a proper appointment and/or some time to ask questions you need.

Seems crazy that this happened!


This happened to me a couple of weeks ago too - I didn't know until I arrived at the reception desk and they said it was a group session! I was so frustrated because I had so many questions but didn't feel comfortable asking about gas pains etc in front of a group of strangers. And then we were shown a birth suite which seemed a bit early to be thinking about!

My hospital has a midwife queries email address that I ended up sending my questions to. Probably worth checking whether your hospital has the same thing?


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