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Empty 2nd sac is there a chance?


I had a scan at 7+5 as I had some pains and they wanted to check I wasn't ectopic. On the scan there's was on healthy baby with heartbeat and one empty sac next to it which was a bit smaller. They said it was probably a twin that didn't form but they'd check at 12 weeks if anything forms or if not my Body will just reabsorb it. I'm freaking out! I have another month before my scan. The idea a baby could be breaking down and being absorbed by me is creepy. I know if it didn't form it wasn't actually a baby but still it's kind of upsetting but we never expected twins. It would be nice though as this is my last pregnancy as I keep getting preeclampsia so my husband and I said this is it. I hope the other baby forms but if not I'm just glad I have one healthy baby! Has anyone gone through this and had a good outcome? Any advice would help I feel so lonely in this cos nobody I know has had this.

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I had the same with my first and by my 12week scan was just the 1 baby. The midwife told me was very common alot of women carry 2 sacs or more for first few weeks of pregnancy but never know it cos there gone by 12week scan. Just so happens you knew as I did due to the need for an earlier scan. I'm aware since it happened to me of a number of people and is quite normal/common. I like to think my son is 2 children in 1 that's why he's extra beautiful x


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