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38 weeks..pains is it labour??

Hi. Am 38 weeks and 3 days. Ive had braxton hicks badly for most of pregnancy. It went away about 32 weeks but came back bad 36 weeks. But it's always tight and uncomfortable and feel like I don't get any release.

Over last week I have had random pains in lower belly lasting a little while and going and then not having it for a few days. Then last two days I have had pain in groin like my muscle have stretched and are sore. .in some ways it's like a period cramp sort of thing but am not sure. I just uncomfortable and shattered. I've had loose poo got over two weeks on and off. I've started feeling sickly again and just generally feel rubbish.

Do u think labour could be near....??

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Yes you are almost there. Loose bowels is a good sign and the real contractions don't go away completely, they are quite regular when the time comes you will know. Wishing you all the best 😊

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I just wish I new it was days and not week or more. Am exhausted.


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