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No teeth at nearly 11 months?


Hi all,

Just wanted some advice/reassurance really. Little Ellenor is nearly 11 months and still has no teeth. She's been showing all the symptoms since she was about 4 months! She is eating well still, and is eating proper food so no puréed food, so she has something to chew on. She is also constantly gumming toys, fists or anything else she can get her hands on. I'm not sure what else I can do to encourage the sprouting of teeth! Lol.

Kat x

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Reassurance - your baby's teeth will come through when they're ready, if you're breastfeeding just be grateful! There's nothing you can do to make them come through. The little boy of one of my friends didn't get his first tooth until he was over a year (I think 13 or 14 months old). He stopped eating for about 8 weeks before it arrived, it was hell for my friend, she was really worried about him, they're doing blw too.

Good luck.

Hi reassurance from me to. My sons teeth came thick and fast and were all in place at about a year. My daughter on the other hand had no teeth till 12 months and is still teething at 18 months. Be reassured that the longer they take the stronger they are!

Hey lovely, Niamh is nearly 13 months now and only has 2. She's fussy with her food, only seems to want mushed up stuff rather than feed herself. They will come when they want. Hope you are ok. Xxx

Well that is all very reassuring :-). I think I just got thrown by someone being shocked by the fact she doesn't have teeth yet. Makes you question things sometimes, especially of you're feeling a bit stressed! Lol. I keep expecting a full set to have appeared one morning haha. Ellenor eats anything and everything, and is still as cheeky and bonkers as ever :-) x

Wow! Well I hope she isn't that late but at least I know now its not that unusual for her not to have teeth yet x

1) Relax. 2) You can't make teeth come out. 3) Every child is different. 4) Just as every adult is different. 5) Stop researching about it on the internet ( :) ) 6) My friend's baby cut his first tooth on his 14th month birthday after 12 months of serious dribble and gumming. 7) There is absolutely nothing that you can do about it. 8) So just go play with her, because I promise you, once they do come through, you're going to know about it, your nipples are going to know about, your neighbours are going to know about it all through the night etc etc and she's going to show everyone her nice new teeth with the most amazing smile that will rip you to bits.

I wouldn't worry my 2 year old was 11 month before he got a tooth and had been teething since he was around 3 month too! It's very frustrating, I totally empathise with you here but by the time he was 1 he had four and another two ready to cut. Hang in there x

I'm so glad there are others out there in the same position. It is just frustrating seeing all the signs and nothing happening. I feel so sorry for her at times. Thanks ladies and gents for putting my mind at ease x

hi all,

my lil man is 10 months and 12 days but he hasn't started teething yet, any advise of what I can do cause I have tried applying teething gel but nothing helps and his been having teething symp

toms but nothing comes out

Thanks T

Kat_C in reply to Tshidi

Unfortunately its a wait and see situation. Can't just make teeth appear as much as we would like too. Just give him things to chew on, I used bickipegs and teething rings or carrot sticks. My little girl is now 18 months and has 6 teeth, its been a long drawn out process! Use calpol or Nurofen for when it is bad and plenty of cuddles, they will appear as soon as they are ready x

Tshidi in reply to Kat_C

Thanks a lot

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