Arnica and c section

So I found out yesterday that I'm having a c section this Friday for my twins! Scared and excited as a first time mum, especially as j expected a date for next week, not in 3 days time. Anyway, I have heard about arnica tablets helping with the recovery after a c section and just wondered if anyone had tried them and what kind of dosage you should be taking? Any other advice for c section recovery would be great!

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  • I've never taken these and don't believe in homeopathy. However if you do take them make sure you can breast feed with them (if you planning to breast feed) as 'natural' doesn't mean it's ok to breast feed with.

  • Thanks - will look into the BF side of it just in case. I'm not really into homeopathy but arnica seems to be widely used so even if it's just placebo effect, I figure no harm in trying it.

  • Hi, have friends who have used arnaca in the past who say it's fantastic. Just need to make sure that it's the real deal! This is best to do because some that aren't are not suitable when breast feeding. If your anything like me though you will still have a foot in each camp trying to decide 😐 think I will do bit of both. Good luck with everything ☺

  • Yes, am hoping the feeding will just all fall into place when I'm in hospital. just have to see what happens!

  • However do be patient as things are bit slow to start especially with you having an elective section, as the hormones taking bit longer to realise baby(ies) is out!

  • Hi I'm also having twins how many months or weeks are you?

  • I'll be 37 weeks on Friday so they've scheduled the c section for then because non identical twins are considered full term at that point. How far along are you?

  • I'm 21 weeks and I'm tired every day haha but it's all worth it

  • I'm not going to lie, it gets tough towards the end and you may need to finish work earlier than expected. But I was really lucky my pregnancy went really smoothly despite getting every pregnancy symptom you could possibly list! 🙄Keep an eye on any pelvic pain you get, mine was ok but in this last week I pulled something and it hurt like hell. I also can't believe how much my legs have swollen this last week.

    If you're feeling tired maybe get your iron levels checked as you may need a supplement. I found this really helped with energy levels and I'd been feeling dizzy occasionally. The 2nd trimester is meant to be the easy one so enjoy it while it lasts!

  • Thanks for the advice.i will definitely check my iron levels.i have been feeling dizzy as well especially after eating.

  • I can't offer any advice I'm afraid but I just wanted to wish you luck for Friday! How exciting, I can't wait to hear news! XXXX

  • Thanks very much!! I think I've got my head around it all now. These will be my first babies so interesting times ahead!!

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