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Had an early private scan not sure what to think?!! So worried?! Could this be another mmc? :-(

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Had an early scan the details is listed below...

Questions? Is that a normal size for the gestational sac?

The yolk sac was seen is this good or bad?

There was no fetal pole "due to a empty bladder" however, I don't think their equipment was very good as I drunk plenty but threw it all up. Is this normal for a 7 week + 4 day scan? I thought I was about 9 weeks until the sonograph measured...

Can't see the midwife till July so worried!!!

Is this could this be another mmc?

Just need to hear some stories other people's perspectives about this?! I'm so worried.

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I honestly think they should have checked transvaginally for this scan if they were having difficulty with the trans abdominal scan. I've had 2 early scans at 6 and 8 weeks and both were internal for this very reason.

Can you self refer to an early pregnancy unit for a better scan?

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I just read the last part again where they advise you go for a trans vaginal scan. Why is this place offering early scans if they don't have the capability to do a trans vaginal scan there?? Seems quite irresponsible of them. They don't seem to be very professional IMO.

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I think I'm just going to wait till I actually see my midwife in July.. Feels like a lon way off yet but still got all my pregnancy symptoms so to me it's a good sign. Last time when I mmc I had lost most of my pregnancy symptoms like nausea however, I am still being sick. Pregnancy is a weird but wonderful thing because if you mmc you do not know for weeks as the body acts like it's still pregnant for some time until weeks and weeks down the line and you discover bleeding.. It's all just a waiting game. They did not seem professional as they couldn't wait for the money soon as you walked in and then kept telling me to drink water and gave me bottles to drink knowing I was suffering with morning sickness.. Then they scanned me twice and sent me back to drink more water but to return in a length of hours. I personally don't know what to think about the scan and how they acted. Thanks :-) x

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I've had mmc in the past too, similar experience to what you describe. I think you definitely know your own body, so trust your gut instinct on it. If anything changes that concerns you, contact the right person, whether that's your GP, midwife or EPU. Good luck with your pregnancy!

I'm about the same as you, when I had a scan mine was a sack and a flicker not much to see but apparently if you leave it a few weeks as the baby can Develop rather quickly you might be able to see more see you go or call the midwife and ask for advise.

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Yeah I know the baby develops quickly so by the time I see my midwife I will be about 10 weeks just over and then she can book me for an scan as it goes through the midwife now... Unless I pay again for private but, last time was pointless!!! :-( I'm just worried but still got all my signs of pregnancy so I have hope :-) thanks for the replies!

Why pay again for a private scan when they're obviously incompetent! Did you show the gp this report? dud he advise to wait? If so I would get a second opinion. However the longer you wait the less point there is as you'll have your 12 week scan anyways. Sorry if this comes across as brutal but some things can't be answered in a forum and if you want answers you need a repeat scan, with a full bladder

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That's my point. & I asked the gp she was no concerned anyway. Thanks

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