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I'm almost 14 weeks pregnant. My obgyn make me a doctors appointment for the genetic testing but I'm so scared. Something about a needle going in my stomach so close yo my unborn child scares the crap out of me. I have a 6 year old son. During my pregnancy with my son I didn't have the genetic test done. What's your thoughts on it?? Have any ladies had it done n did it affect your baby?? Did it hurt??


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  • Is there a particular reason why you having this screening? Did they explain the risks? There is another genetic screening test called harmony which is done on your blood. I would check if that is an option as its risk free. I presume you are in the U.S. Not UK.

  • I m 11weeks and just had te bloods to screen for genetic problems in the baby and I was told that I ll have to do the other screening (taking some of the baby's fluid) later on in pregnancy I know that there is a risque of miscarriage but on the other hand I would like to know if there's anything wrong.

    Did you read the screening booklet they sent you?

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