Help on Advice Please - 35 weeks + 2 days on my 3rd Baby? πŸ’–

Hiya everyone, I'm wondering if anyone can give me your opinion's or experiences please as I am 35 +2 with my 3rd little girl but iv never gone this far in previous pregnancy, having given birth at 32 & 34 weeks each time, BUT I'm having tightening for weeks now but lately iv started getting period like pains and I had my 'Show' yesterday my plug came away but doctors say I'm not in full labour yet , He wouldn't tell me alot, I'm wondering if you can tell me - How long until fr labour starts? Or started for you ?

I went into labour so fast the last time, barley made hospital and further away from hospital now 😳????? Nervous wreck

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  • Hi there, you are doing very well and a few more days at 36 weeks you will be officially full term. The mucus plug is an indication that labour is on the way but everyone is different. It can take a few hours to a few weeks. Hung in there you are almost on the finishing line. If I was you I would try to be near a hospital due to your history. Wishing you all the best. My last baby I lost my plug probably a few weeks before but everyone is different. You could be going in labour soon. Prepare as if it is any day now you never know, wishing you all the best.

  • yes, I don't think its far off either and my hospital is a half hour without traffic so I don't know what to do bit wait, not that I know what I'm waiting for 😳 Thank you so much for replying ❀ The waiting game begins xxx

  • Congratulations, not long to go now then. Do your waters usually break? I know some ladies don't. I've only been in labour once and that resulted in an emergency c-section, my 2nd and third were elected c-section as my pelvis is too narrow to give birth naturally aparently. But when my waters broke with my first it was like a tidal wave and pretty obvious I was in labour. Then the pains kicked in. If you cant get to the hospital quick enough its ok to call an ambulance. Try nit to stress to much. You will have your little bundle in your arms soon.

  • thank you so much 😊. Yes my waters only broke once and had to be broken once also so its really hard to judge hun, I just wish these pains would come strong or just go altogether but I'm constantly in & out to the loo this morning and now throwing up too, Crazy 😳 fingers crossed it happens sooner rather than later hun ❀

    Thank you for replying xxx

  • UPDATE πŸ’– 36 weeks Tuesday.

    Well still no baby, but pains are still quiet bad and they have a little pattern but its like my tightening are there and bad, but they go then my lower back starts - I'm pregnant with my 3rd so you would think I'd know bit if they both happened at the same time, I would be gone so hospital already, So confusing and I feel bad saying I just want her here now (baby) πŸ’–

    Has anyone ever been in similar situation please? πŸ’–

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