Dates not similar!

Hi all, we had ICSI and now we got blessed with a pregnancy, as it was ICSI there is no guessing of when we got pregnant last Friday was 7 weeks but the scan showed 8 weeks and 6 days! I m only asking as I m suffering nausea and sickness and I m hopeful that it might follow the baby's development not the real count.

My question is can anyone explain why such a difference in dating the pregnancy?

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  • Congratulations . Someone was trying to explain dating to me yesterday . I'm 3- 4 weeks pregnant and have scan booked for 20th June, when I should be 5 and half -6 weeks pregnant by then , but apparently they date it from your last period . So you have to add another few weeks .

    I still don't really get it . Lol xx

  • Hi Aimaim77, once I told them about the ICSI no one asked me about my last periods as the drugs stop the cycle before conception. The 8 weeks 6 days was given from the baby's measurement on the scan while the due date was given based on egg fertilisation.

  • How have you got a scan @ 5-6 weeks? Is it a private one? xxx

  • As it s ICSI they do a viability one before the discharge you from the assisted conception unit.

  • Oh i see! thank you for verifying that for me and wish you all the best xxx

  • Thank you.

  • Haha, that was me trying to explain how the dates work! Best thing is to just use this handy calculator based on your ec.

    Medically, they always add on 2 weeks because in a natural cycle, date of ovulation is unknown so they go from day 1 of last period, which is usually 2 weeks before ovulation and in your case, 2 weeks before ec.

    I am so surprised that your clinics didn't explain any of this, why do they assume people know if you haven't been pregnant without IVF.

  • Tank you i ll give it a read.

  • The due date is exactly what I counted and the baby date is exactly what the nurses measured, handy little tool thank you Tlove.

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