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Cryptic preg


Is there any body out there who may think theyre pregnant but every5hing neg but still have periods but shorter n lighter or they r experiencing symptoms of pregnancy do you think you may be having a cryptic preg they are true but pregnency is different to a normsl one the gesturational is longer n no baby is born before 17 months one lady im talking to is 3 years preg, so never rule out not pregnant even tho u r getting negs but symptomd as it happens too 1 in 425 women, you know your body

Also ar there any women have experienced cryptic or are can youinbix me

X chantelle

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Sorry but it's not possible to be 3 years pregnant, even elephants have a shorter gestational period than that! I can't imagine the size baby you'd end up with after that time, considering a baby is about 7 - 8 lb after just 9 months. Not sure where you are getting this information from.

Chantellelou17 in reply to Tlove

Look it up on the inteenet if you dont belive me

Tlove in reply to Chantellelou17

I found this link, is this what you are talking about -

I'm not denying there are some women out there who don't realise they are pregnant until they give birth but gestation only goes on for 40 weeks in women. There is no such thing as a 17 month or 3 year pregnancy. What you are referring to seems to be a false pregnancy, where you feel symptoms but are not actually pregnant.

Chantellelou17 in reply to Tlove

No cryptic preg the baby grows slower at 40weeks the fetus is only 20 weeks

There is agriup on facebook i do know what im talking about

Link is here to the page have a good old read


Tlove in reply to Chantellelou17

It's complete BS. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. I think you're just winding us all up!

Chantellelou17 in reply to Tlove

In a normal pregnancy, hCG is produced by the placenta and is secreted into the lining of the uterus, where it eventually builds up enough to be secreted into the blood and urine. Once it has built up enough, it can be detected by urine and blood pregnancy tests. In a cryptic pregnancy, the lining of the uterus is periodically shed when the mother bleeds, therefore never allowing the hCG to building up enough to secrete into the blood or urine, therefore, causing negative pregnancy tests. In addition, because the hCG never gets completely into the system like in a normal pregnancy, the body is not properly signaled to COMPLETELY support the baby's development, therefore cryptic babies develop slower and the pregnancy takes longer. It even appears that the development most likely stalls out for weeks or even months at the time. Stress also stalls out the development. This is why these pregnancies go WAY past 40 weeks. So far, the earliest any of these babies has been born, without the pregnancy becoming "normal" has been at 22 months, and it can easily take as long as 4 or 5 years. So far, they have all been normal and healthy when the are born, they just take longer to develop and be ready for the outside world. Only a few of these pregnancies will become "normal" at some point.

During my research, out of HUNDREDS of ultrasounds, ONLY 7 have been positive. (The overwhelming majority of the ultrasounds during cryptic pregnancies are negative, due to uterine abnormalities and abdominal scar tissue) These positive ultrasounds prove that these babies do not develop at a normal rate. The babies were found, but they have measured significantly smaller than they should, for their gestational age. This also proves that they do not develop at a normal rate, due to the continued periods. There is also evidence that the heaver the mother's bleeding is during the continued periods, the longer the pregnancy will take.

Positive Ultrasounds

#1 baby found at 17 wks only measured 6

2 baby found at 29 wks only measured 19

3 baby found at 32 wks only measured 16

4 baby found at 26 wks only measured 15

5 baby found at 16 wks only measured 9

6 baby found at 30 wks only measured 9

7 baby found at 16 wks only measured 8

8 baby found at 83 wks only measured 24

9 baby found at 34 wks only measured 9

10 baby found at 72 wks only measured 7

Tlove in reply to Chantellelou17

It's impossible. I had babies measuring behind by only one week and they miscarried. Nature will take care of babies that are not developing properly.

Hidden in reply to Chantellelou17

But surely if you shed your womb lining every month then the baby would go too as that is what the baby embeds into.

A list of ultrasounds is not research. This list would only be believable with an actual case study where multiple ultrasounds are done at very regular intervals, to prove rate of growth and that indeed it's the same pregnancy throughout. And even then it would have to be published in some more detail than that!

No you don't know what you're talking about obviously. Fb isn't more of a reliable source than the net. Also what proof is there that 3 years ago you weren't pregnant now you are hence the baby is only measuring small! Imagine being pregnant with a 3 year old. The body doesn't work like that... Things either grow on time or they don't. With your hypothesis once born the baby/child would only age 1 year every 3... Looking like 30 when you're 90... I don't think so (if it's the case I'd like some of that to slow my aging. Utter BS

I know its true because yhe women is pregnant and has been since she was 47 and she is 50 now, but if dont believe thsts ure problem but the website is true

Sure Hun. It really is MY problem... (Ironic) believe what you will as you obviously want to remain oblivious. As they say you can take a horse to water but can't make it drink.

Tlove in reply to Chantellelou17

Have you read this website Chantellelou? I think it accurately describes what a cryptic pregnancy actually is. And it could be a very dangerous thing if taken too far.

Chantellelou17 in reply to Tlove

Oh so that women on the facebook page is not sctually pregnant, i wasnt saying i had it and im sorry to any other women out there i was blatently rude too other women,

I dont think im avin a cryptic i just dont see why my tests are nrgative atm when ive missef a period and late for my june one, xx

You are just as insane as the rest of the women on that Facebook group, and I would suggest seeking assistance from a mental health specialist.

It is true as I am going through it at the moment I'm passed the 40 week stage and I have not been with anyone since October so explain how that works. I have all the symptoms and the works of a pregnancy. I have had 5 of them so I would know. The Drs don't believe it as they cannot see it. It usually happens when you have a tilted uterus and your hormones are unbalanced. The baby hides behinds your intestines which is why Drs can not see it on a ultrasound. Your hcg levels do not stay and you shed your lining every month. It is not like a normal period. Like she says when your in a stall the baby's growth stops which is why you are pregnant for so long. If you don't want to believe it that's fine but it is true and the reason people don't usually talk about it is because people don't believe them so they end up doing it alone. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean that it's not true

How old r u if I may ask?

Bean1993 in reply to Kiwikiwi-2

You've had 5 of these pregnancies so am I right to assume you have five children?

Jspies in reply to roxannacar

Look up the TLC Discovery TV Documentary 2008 series "I didn't Know I Was Pregnant" about multiple cryptic pregnancy cases. After the show was on, 100's of stories came in about more cryptic pregnancy cases. Intermountain Health Care is online continually trying to educate woman about cryptic pregnancy. They are a huge network of hospitals in the Western US. M Del Giudice, an Italian Psychologist who did a study on the Evolutionary Biology of a Cryptic Prgnancy 2007 Center for Cognitive Science out of Torino, Italy. Cryptic pregnancy has been around for centuries and has not only been found in humans but also animals. It is an actual condition.

Oh funnily enough the webpage you quoted has a big disclaimer at the bottom. I wonder why!

Whats a dicalimer

pixie1980 in reply to Tlove

Its true

Did you create the human, body? Or the universe for that Matter?how would you know what god can do or can't do? You and your unbelieving comments are atroshes and hurtful to me and any other women going through this. You wil never know everything or even half of everything! I learn something knew everyday! And today you just did also! Thus pregnancies do exist.

Just because you don't believe does not make something not true! Who are you the creator of the universe. Or an expert on the human body in all its intricacies. No what you are is an unbeliever but you should keep your notions to yourself. They are hurtful.

not sure If u are replying to me or not? I stick to science and evidence base rather than opinions it's about biology not religion or belief. odd how pregnant people get followed by a midwife or a doctor rather than a priest/rabbi/imam etc. As I have previously stated I would be more than happy to see actual proof

It can happen but not as long as 3 years though. Eventually they find out one way or the other..................... A family friend was pregnant and the Gp did a urine test which was negative and she returned 7 months later with headaches and high blood pressure, no significant weight gain. The Gp then did a second test which was positive and she was getting monthly bleeds same amount and same duration. Her blood pressure was dangerously high and the ambulance was called. On arrival she was told she has about 6 weeks or so before welcoming her baby and she passed out with shock. She was on the pill all along and never missed a day, that was baby number 4. She didn't feel any kicks, no weight gain, no cravings e.t.c it happens......

Of course it's entirely possible to be pregnant without knowing but what the op is suggesting. Regarding a 3 year / 17 month pregnancy is. Impossible x

Of course it's on the internet therefore it must be true ...that is ironic btw how come I've never read about cryptic pregnancies (as you describe the term) on a medical journal . Ahh it's a conspiracy right! Maybe you should of check your sources... As long as you're not talking about a whale

No read this whole website, just because u havent heard of it doesnt mean its not true


Steffi_27 in reply to roxannacar

I remember watching a documentary about a woman in a third world country who was 'pregnant' for 30 years. she openly admitted that she was pregnant many years ago and one day the baby just stopped moving, she knew it had died but with the cost involved with treatment and how far away the hospital was there was little she could do. Fast forward 30 years, better medical knowledge and media coverage, it transpired that she did in fact carry a baby for all those years, for some reason her body failed to do what it should in Instances such as this. When they operated they discovered that the baby had become mummified in her uterus.

Although this is not the same as the op is suggesting, if what the op is suggesting was remotely. True I would be very concerned for mother and baby. However it's scientifically impossible.

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Very strange things can happen in pregnancy. I had a molar pregnancy about 9 years ago and they are very rare. It's when the cells form a tumour instead of a baby but your hcg levels go through the roof. You have all the pregnancy symptoms. The tumour can become cancerous and if they don't remove it properly can spread to beyond the womb to other organs. I had to be monitored for hormone levels for 2 years after incase it spread again.

roxannacar in reply to Hidden

That's a known medical problem. find it in medical books/journals etc. Pregnancies that last 3 years ... Nope. Completely different.

Hidden in reply to roxannacar

No never heard of a pregnancy that lasts that long but have heard of women being pregnant and still getting their time of the month. It happened to my husband's nan when she was pregnant with his auntie. She found out she was pregnant 3 weeks before she popped. Well they think it's their period but obviously isn't and is some sort of other bleeding.

If that's so it says in the link you posted that chances of having a cryptic pregnancy is 1 in 2,500 so it's very unlikely that you have this problem as it's extremely rear.

That is if it exists and if its true. Personally I've never heard of anything like this and find it very bizarre. My gp told me you shouldn't believe everything that's on the internet as some times they aren't true.

How does a women stay pregnant for so long and if she can't get a positive hcg test and can't see anything on a ultrasound? How do they know she's been pregnant for 22 months or more ? if they had no way of proving that she was pregnant in order to calculate how long she's been pregnant for. None of this make spence scientifically and definitely doesn't add up.

I am currently 31 weeks into a cryptic pregnancy. Urine and blood tests all negative. Although my bleeding has stopped tremendously, for the last two months it been only spotting.

Cryptic pregnancies usually happen because of a tilted uterus(in my case) scar tissue from PCOS or PID. Etc. and a few other disorders. Happens to 1 In every 425 pregnancies.

it’s a hormonal imbalance and the HCG never reaches high enough levels to be shown in Urine or blood.

In cases where the uterus is not tilted, and cryptic due to scar tissue and disorders, the pregnancy is almost completely normal, with the exception of negative tests and slight bleeding each month. Sometimes ultrasounds cannot see through such scar tissue, they can see a sac but without a heartbeat most times.

In my case, the uterus is tilted and my baby is growing more towards my rectum and spine.

During the day I feel my baby sleeping on my back, intense pressure and bulge from the baby is felt, then usually at night she will move up and come play on my belly button for awhile and kick me to let me know she’s still in there swimming around, which week by week is getting increasingly harder as she is getting bigger.

I’ve put on a good 50 pounds, I have just about every pregnancy symptom and the bleeding has reduced to spotting, feels like my back is breaking instead of the common problem of the ribs feeling broken in normal pregnancies. My baby seems pretty big even though yes, she’s measuring a little bit behind due to the hormonal imbalance causing the lack of HCG and therefore slowing the growth process a bit, but as far as pregnancies going 18 months and so on, I can’t really say. Do I believe it.? Kinda. It’s hit and miss, but all in all, cryptic pregnancies are very real, due to many factors, but it’s not widely recognized, I was looked at like I was crazy and ridiculed from health care professionals that thought I had a mental issue thinking I was pregnant and feeling my child even though the tests said otherwise.

Usually a Doppler and finger pulse can be a clear indicator for these pregnancies when ultrasounds fail, even the Doppler can be tricky, especially if baby is sitting in the back of the uterus towards the spine.

When it comes down to it, I’m not a doctor, I’m not all knowing and super superior in any way,

Crazy shit happens, not just in pregnancies but everyday life.

Nothing ceases to amaze me, humans are resilient.

We are all gods children, living in his name, grace and love.

Who knows why things happen, but embrace it and lift each other up, you don’t have to be patronizing or condescending. There’s no need for it. Simply inform, educate people and if they chose not to believe then so be it, no need to argue, it’s ridiculous. Lift eachother up in love, I know what’s happening in my body and these women with normal, cryptic, molar, etopic pregnancies and so on, I wish you all the best.!

We are women, we are strong, beautiful and can do just about anything we put our minds to.

Do the best you can mama’s, let god handle the rest.

18 months in my cryptic pregnancy. Not a soul believes, but tbh if i wasn't livinv this and was just told about it i would be sceptical....

Baby miracle!

Iesshia89 in reply to Roxzanne

Hey did you give birth

Hi I think I might if u go to my post s and read what I’ve wrote u will see what’s been happening.

Im 20months pregnant. I didnt think this dhit was possible but my life has been ruined because of this situation. I dont think i would believe unless this experience but trust me i wish this was bs

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